Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Got enough relations in life, and in queue are lot;
In some you are bound and some you have sought. 
But in vain, to enjoy our aloneness, we never had thought.
We need always, someone to be happy with us;
We need always, someone to share and to discuss.
We need always, someone in every moments of life;
We have always, space where dependence thrive. 

To be alone is fearful to us;
loneliness makes us feel, our ‘being’ as a curse.

We strive to be always, in the bunch of crowd;
but never bother to shine, on our inner dark cloud.
Alas! We’ve covered our soul, in a stained dark shroud.

We forgot that we came to this world all alone;
alone we hanged in mother’s womb for months,
to laugh, to cry and at times to mourn.

We were taught about relations, as soon we stepped on earth,
Our dependence on others, started right from our birth.

How can we become independent,
 of the thoughts and the masks we have worn.
How can we be a living dead, and get these stained robes torn;
  as these are untrue relations and worldly fuss to be borne....

Ishpal Singh....

Sunday, 8 May 2011

"Missing You Mom" (Devoted To My Mother On Mother's Day)

  “MISSING YOU MOM”  (My latest Poem Devoted to My Mom on Mother’s Day)

    I had a God, And I Played in her Lap,
    She nurtured me, she groomed me,
    She taught me how to step.
    She saved me from every odd,
    Yes! She was my Mom!
    Indeed My Beautiful God!

    She polished me, she sparkled me,
    So that my future could never fade,                                                                                        
    She was like a dense tree to me,
    Who gave its fruit and its cool shade.      

    Her Love was like an ocean,
   Her Touch was like a spring season.
   To me she was always, sweet and kind.
   I wish those past moments  
   Could somehow rewind.

   I know I lost u mom, seven years back,
   I know you could not be here
   Only your sweet memories I could track.     
   I miss your warmth; I miss your grace,
   I know u are far, too far I could trace.  

   I was not who could die, mom with you,
   But when alone I cry; mom I cry for you.
   When you were with me, I used to fight,
   Now you are not here mom,
   But Mom I want to hold you tight.

   I know I never wished you mom,
  “A Happy Mother’s Day”
  But today I want to wish you and say
  My Lovely Mom,
  “A Very Happy Mother’s Day”
 Now you are not here, not here to hear.
 Just me missing you, and my endless tear.

 The time has changed, and my wishes too,
 Your soul may be in rest,
 This is only I could wish to God for you.

 I advise all my Friends, who has mothers till along,
Please Love them truly and do not fight,
Respect her grace and hold her tight,
Keep her Happy and always, in front of your sight.
Better pray her always, than God in spite.
You may get friends, relatives and more,
But can never get your Mother If you lose,
Who loves you from heart’s core.
Ishpal Singh.  

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Indefinite to Definite (My Poem)


Every Person has a Good Heart, but somewhere inside even a Devil resides,
Every Person has a Saint Hood in the Soul, but somewhere at times, even Evil coincides.

The external surroundings changes the human nature rather,
Sometime he throws like a King,
Sometime seeks like a Beggar.

Sometimes he dance high with Happiness on the cloud nine,
At times he experience Sorrow and Extreme decline.

Every Human can die for his family and kids,
But who cares for them, if from this world he quits.

One goes to work with a hope of monitory victory,
Who knows on the day next if he comes on newspaper’s obituary.

The Person who has not earned Truth, Faith and Morality,
Problems, Sufferings and Tensions are somewhere his Destiny.

The Road to the Truth is difficult enough
Where hundreds and million people broke,
But in fact a Nice Sculpture is only built with Numerous Stroke.

The God on the top knows everyone’s Secret,
When travel to his Kingdom, May our Soul should never Regret.

Let’s try to be Pious at work and in Feel,
The Shattered Knots of life can only be opened, with our own Zeal.

Ishpal Singh
(The Thoughts are orignally taken from a geet of Great Sufi Singer Satinder Sartaaj.)

"THEN AND NOW' (My Latest Poem)


Then Seen the Sun being worshipped as God to end the Foes.
Now under that Sun, I see the Gods,
Being sold on roads.

Then Seen the Gems being thrown as pebbles,
Now I see the spurious being treated,
As precious hoards.

Then Seen the Homeless Getting Food and Shelter,
Now I see the educated beggars earning on their name
By running NGOs and Social Centre.

Then Seen the Spirituals walking on water,
Now I see them drowning in the pool of Money
Killing the poor as guinea pig’s slaughter.

Then Seen the cruel turning saint and melting like wax,
Now I see the Flesh turning, into hard rock stone.
Even To match their schedule,
They adjust the date to Mourn
No matter the dead is someone very own. 

Then Seen the Kings serving for Kingdom,
Now I see the Country serving to Rulers.
Like a Horse Running faster by the fear of Jockey’s spurs. 

Then Seen the Farmers Watering the Earth as Mother,
To yield a rich new crop,
Now I see the same being misused like step ones,
May the future generation vanish in search,
Of food and water’s a single drop.

Then Seen the Temples, The Mosques Serving
For Goodness and Religions,
Now I See Them as Centre of Militants and Politicians.

Then People fought for the right, 
Now I see riots for the wrong,
The inspirations of religious poems,
Now felt as mourning song.

Then Seen The Parents Dying for their Children,
Now I see them being killed in foetus,                                                                                                    
Before they are born.

Then Seen the Children caring for elders,
And Hearing to their voice,
Now I see those elders as living in a hell,
with no other choice.

Let’s See this world again, with Godly eyes,
Let’s put our joint efforts to clear these dense skies,
Let’s give our coming generation,
A New Day, A New Sunrise.

Ishpal  Singh.